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Introduction Post

20 Nov

Hi, and welcome to the new Forza Di Resta blog! As you’ve probably seen, we also have a twitter, assuming you haven’t stumbled across this post while I’m still setting everything up. My name is Carole, I’m 21, and I’ve been a fan of Paul for two years.

The idea of the blog is to give me – and any other fans who want to, as I am more than happy to have guest posts – somewhere to comment on events and just to basically express support for Paul.

I’m also hoping that it will bring fans together who may not have met otherwise. I’ll keep writing here regardless of how many comments there are, but my dream is for it to become a place where Paul’s fans can come together and discuss things.

I would like to make it clear at this point though that even if you don’t categorise yourself as a Paul fan, you are still very much welcome here. Besides, I think pretty much everyone starts out just being vaguely interested in a driver, so people who don’t start out thinking of themselves as Paul fans may change their mind on that in future! Just bear in mind there’s always going to be an element of bias in the posts and most comments, although I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t reach completely ridiculous levels.

There may be the occasional off-topic post about other motorsport-related things, I already have one or two in mind for the next few weeks, but obviously given the name of the blog, most of the posts will be focused on Paul.

To conclude, I’m glad that you are here and reading this, and please do comment! I know it’s tricky to know what to put sometimes, but any and all comments will be very much appreciated. It would be nice if people would introduce themselves in the comments of this post, so that I – and everyone else – know who’s who.